Tool boxes that work with the GFC on a Tacoma?

Does anyone have a recommendation for tool boxes that fit under the GFC on a Taco? I’ve had a tool box that goes over the bed, but I need to replace it with something that will work with the camper, so if anyone has a recommendation that will fit, especially with the V2, I’m all ears.

I’m steering away from the UnderCover Swing Cases because I would only be able to put on the passenger side case, which would leave the truck less balanced.

Thanks in advance

Not sure what you looking for exactly, but here’s what I did. Two bolts through the bed floor and secured the box to tie down points in the front corners of the bed.



Thank you – exactly the kind of set up I’m looking for!

ive looked at these, the gap at the lower part of the wheel wells is 42 inches i think

although @GFC706 may be better - i going to look into those

Thanks! Looks interesting, I’ll take a closer look at it as well.

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