Top 3 V2 Questions for 3rd gen tacoma owners

This list may or may not be click bait to get my own questions answered and get some discussion going around these topics. Curious in V1 owners chiming in for sure, although I’m in line for V2.

  1. What’s the overall weight for a 5ft bed vs 6ft bed (no options)? 260 lbs thrown around loosely
  2. If I replace my track system with 80/20 (1 inch) can camper clamp to that?
  3. TRD OR owners w/ 2 inch lift, 285/75R16, with the camper > can we still fit in standard garage?
  1. V2 should be significantly lighter than 260. My memory says v1 was 250ish and I’ve heard that v2 is 70lbs lighter for Tacoma LB.
  2. No idea, but I bet you could make it work.
  3. I have 275 on 17s, 2 inch from ADS suspension, and beef racks on top and it is an inch or two above fitting in standard garage. Without the beef racks I could probably squeeze in but it would be tight.
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The standard V1 camper weighed around 275.


#5 Just got the V2 on my Tacoma Friday, it adds just under 7" from the top of the shark fin. I was actually looking at new home builds recently. Standard garage door was 7ft upgraded was 8ft. I think my stock Taco was at about 6’ 8" now with the camper on. I’m measuring off a snow driveway though.

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Thanks. Would love to see pictures of the new camper trying to get into the garage. Sounds like it might not be possible.