Torque spec for Taco t slot bolt

I need to add a couple of slots mounts to one of my bed rails in my 3rd gen taco. Curious what precautions I need to take when undoing one of the bolts where the GFC attaches to the rail as well as torque spec when re-tightening. I have v2.

Thanks all!

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+1 on this request. I’m in the same situation…

They have historically not had torque specs to give out. Could at least go of the fastener specs to get close.

@jedgar that sheet looks straightforward enough :joy:


Gzila makes aluminum t-nuts that are drop-in so you don’t need to take off the GFC mount. You guys might need something different but just thought I’d throw it out there.

We also make T-nuts that just rotate into place so you do not need to undo that mount. No torque spec though, just good and tight with some blue loctite applied.

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I have those but unfortunately the bolt size is too small for the hi-lift accessory attachment I’m trying to install.

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I removed the bolt for the same reason and the clamp didnt budge. I installed my slot mounts and just reinstalled the bolt without issues. I tightened as much as I could, didnt really even think about torque specs. Still good and no leaks.

great to know @LeSmurf thanks!