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Hey folks!

I wanted to reach out to the GFC community to see if anyone has been in my situation before. Yesterday I was in a high-speed collision in my truck with my GFC. Thankfully everyone walked away unharmed and I was not at fault for the collision. However, I’m anticipating that my Ford Ranger is likely totaled. Has anyone had a truck totaled with a GFC mounted? Did insurance include the cost of the camper with the vehicle? I know insurance/ collision situations are so individually specific and vary greatly but I wanted to see if anyone is familiar with this situation. Any advice or stories are appreciated!

Thanks all!

Glad everyone is ok after the accident. This discussion has happened here without any real test to any of the statements in the conversation. Which insurance do you have? All policies and situations are different. It would be helpful if you update the insurance outcome here for more info. My experience is that insurance companies play the bait and switch game. Pay attention to every detail and be diligent.
Hopefully everything is covered.

Best of luck to you.


First off, glad everyone walked away harm free.

I have State Farm and per our discussions, the camper is “covered”. However, from an experience in the past with totalling a vehicle, insurance companies tend to not give out much for totalled add ons.

I have no direct experience actually trying to collect, but I did call my insurance (AAA) and talk about the camper with them. The result of that discussion was that the camper would likely not be covered as part of the car in a collision. After some back and forth was able to add the GFC as a second line item to my policy for a small premium increase.

Unfortunately that information can’t do much to help you in your current situation.

The GFC may be covered by your homeowners insurance.

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Progressive told me insurance on the camper was 1000 for a year. I cancelled that insurance right away and switched to State Farm. They said its covered as an add on up to 10k. It was about 9k so i should be good.

Glad you’re okay. Id love to hear an update as far as what your insurance says.

Personally, i think insurance is a scam and the insurance companies are working to scam you out of every dollar they can. If they say its not covered request to be connected to someone who can help.

Be diligent, maybe hire a lawyer if you need.

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Glad you’re ok. Couple questions…

  1. Since you’re not at fault would it not matter what coverage you have? I guess it depends on the state but the at fault party should have to make you whole?

  2. Is the GFC damaged? If not, you might be able to ask the adjuster to just let you take it off as a “personal property”. If both parties agree sometimes it’s less hassle just to pull it and call it good and just focus on the damaged truck.

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@Chuck.D Great points…