Totally rad products bullet cover 'blemish' sale

anyone looking for a shark fin delete, totally rad has a sale on some blemished items

from them:
"I have 13 Post Production Blemish Bullet Covers. I created a discount code for 30% off. I am sure these will go fast.

Discount Code:

The blemishes include paint runs or clear coat issues. The functionality and structural integrity of the product is in no way impacted. It’s purely aesthetic.

I am researching new finish options for the Bullet Cover.

Also, 3rd gen Side Shooter Antenna cover will be available for purchase next week!

It’s been a long road to a finished product. Juggling two businesses as well as running errands for multiple households due to COVID-19 has made product development slow to a crawl.

I’ll up date the first page with more info regarding the Blemish Sale."