Toyota T100 compatibility with GFC 1st gen Tundra 6.5ft bed

Pick up a nice T100 not too long ago. During my Internet searching, I’m finding that maybe the 6.5ft bed of the T100 maybe the same dimensions of the 1st Gen Tundra.

I tired reaching out to GFC too see if the 1st gen Tundra would work on the T100, but haven’t received a response. Thought maybe some Yota nerds may know if the the GFC camper would fit on the T100.

Or if there is someone, that has 1st gen Tundra GFC, and can give me dimensions to confirm, maybe this would help?

Thanks to the community fo help, excited to maybe do a small Overland/camper build on this platform.

Below are current pics of the vehicle. Not much as been done, besides upgraded wheels/tires. It does have 3.4L, manual, and has been supercharged!.


Just wanted to stop by and give you some inspo cuz I think a GFC would look rad on your T100. I cant confirm compatibility for you but I’ve seen a lot of guys on the First Gen Tundra FB group install T100 shells and they fit and look great, not sure about the other way around though. I can try and grab the dims off mine this weekend for you but I’d ultimately wait to see what GFC says. Good luck man!

Hey there, former T100 owner here. Late response, but I can confirm that 1st gen tundra shells for the 6.5 bed fit exactly to a T100. I bought and sold two in the time I had my T100, and both were a perfect fit. Would love to see a GFC on a T100. I loved that truck.