Track bolt alternate

What are people using on the beef bars instead of the GFC track bolts? I mounted my solar panel up with them, needed to make some adjustments. After loosening them the center “bolts” are just spinning with no way to loosen or tighten them, seems like a really flawed design, there has to be something out there better.

Well, for one, it has to be in the track for you to loosen or tighten. The way pictured, you would need to use some pliers so it doesn’t spin on you. At the end of the day, its just a nut.

Haha thanks man, I understand it has to be in the track.

What happens is the center “bolt” just spins inside the the track nut. So it doesn’t matter if you try and loosen or tighten, the bolt spins.

Thats weird. Is it stripped somehow? I didn’t have any issues with mine, but then again, I got mine from gzila.

Yeah man they just spin, no idea. I’d really like a one piece bolt like a rocker t bolt that can only turn one way.

Can you use a 1/4" carriage bolt?

Damn, I spoke without realizing that the beef rack uses track studs. Completely different design. Looks like they insert a bolt into the tnut. Sounds like a faulty design if they are just press fitting the two together. At least that would explain the spinning in place. I should have kept my mouth shut since i did a DIY rack using Platform Camper Track T-Nuts :sweat_smile:. My bad

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Maybe something like Loctite 638 or some other permanent retaining compound. Haven’t used it personally so just an idea.