Track Handles

Track Handles are live! Custom colors can be requested if you want something other than black (black seems to be the most popular)

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One of the things that always bugs me about 3D printed parts is that you can see the printing lines. I know they don’t make a functional difference, but from an aesthetic perspective and a tactile feel, I’d like a smoother finish. How hard would it be to sand these smooth? I’ve never done it before and I’m curious if it would be roughly like sanding a wooden part.

Understandable! Different materials can result in better or worse layer lines in terms of how noticeable they are. Some materials are also much easier to post process/sand than others. The build plate texture also plays a role in the texture of the finished product also ( I normally always use a textured sheet rather than smooth). CF Nylon can be sanded fairly well, but also usually prints pretty smooth with much less noticeable layer lines. PETG can be sanded or “buffed” to blend lines. The reason these layer lines are more noticeable is because of the layer thickness. A thinner layer thickness will produce a better surface finish, but at a significant cost in time to print.

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How will this hold up in different weather conditions, be it 100 direct sunlight or freeze/thaw process?

Just to confirm, the mounting hardware comes with it?


PETG and CF Nylon should hold up 100% fine. PETG is essentially the material used for plastic bottles, and will hold its integrity just fine with any weather exposure. The only thing that might happen is the color may fade slightly over time with constant UV exposure, but it shouldn’t be very much. CF Nylon is chemical, weather/UV and very impact resistant. Neither of these should be effected by freezing/thawing. However, there is some pretty interesting data relating to CF Nylon in terms of moisture exposure post printing in that it can add to its overall strength.

The panel handles I make are both PETG and CF Nylon. The ones I have on my GFC are all CF Nylon and have been on there for about 5 months now in temps as low as -27F, with no noticeable changes.

As for the hardware. These come with the correct bolts needed, and washers, but do not come with the Track Nutz. Those were excluded simply due to their sporadic availability and cost.


Got some better photos of the handles. Red contrasts better for the photos, plus it matches the Tremor grill on my ranger.

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