Track spacing specs?

RTT V2 #746 reporting for duty! Installation was a breeze on my Front Runner Slimline 2 rack. I can’t wait to use it, hopefully this weekend! :crossed_fingers:

I’m looking for the specs on the track spacing as I want to move my weBoost from the Slimline 2 rack to the side of the RTT. I have the Ram Mount for my weBoost and will buy another size C ball mount that matches the track spacing. Sounds easy right!!!


The track sizing is unique to GFC - so only available from GFC or gzila

Go Fast Camper - GZila Designs

I’m just looking for the track spacing so that I can buy the ram mount that is the closest to that spacing so that I can use GFC t-nuts to attach the ram mount directly to the track.

Sorry to be confusing, I just assumed that kind of information would be readily available. :man_shrugging:

I’m just being lazy and don’t want to have to go outside and loosen up some t-nuts to use to determine the spacing myself.

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Ahhh got you. We have one mounted on the side of ours I just used a straight up diamond mount

Also that garage you have is straight up ‘fabulous’

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Centerline of upper T-slot to centerline of lower T-slot is 0.90 inches.


Thanks Dave, I ended up measuring and came up with the same thing!

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Which adapter did you use for the ram ball threading to the Weboost antenna spring? I’m trying to find one and am not having any luck.

Are you talking how to mount the weboost antenna to the ram mount?

Correct, the female/female connector for the antenna spring to the ram ball mount.

You need one of these threaded couplers . If you go to the Ace in town, I have seen them there.

Thanks! At Home Depot at the moment so I’ll check here also.

Better look as well from my CVT Mt Hood when I had it. Gotta be careful though, I busted 2 of the ram mounts within 6 months.

I’ll have to see if I can find an alloy ball somewhere, I kinda figured RAM mounts would offer one, but I haven’t seen one yet. Although, maybe its a good thing the mount broke rather than the antenna and wiring.

Yea the mounting ball is literally a very hard plastic. The inside strips out…then it’s screwed up and it just spins.

So apparently OC mounts makes an entire mount kit for this setup…did not know that lol

Mount Kit

That is who I bought mine from originally and it did not. Looks like it contains the coupling now though. When I called them up, they were helpful though in saying that was what I needed.

You calling and asking probably played a hand in having them add it into the kit.

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Try 76 designs. They make all their own stuff and their ball mounts are aluminum.

I’m assuming you meant 67 designs?