Trade build #1609 for something sooner?

Hi y’all,
I got spot #1609 in hopes that it would line up with some of my travels. Looking to pass through Bozeman early July and hope to be able to pick up a V2 camper. GFC says this may be a possibility but I’d like a little more confidence than that, so if anyone doesn’t need their late June/early July install time spot immediately, I’d love to swap. Down to sweeten the deal with some cash if needed.


So you haven’t chosen your options or paid your invoice yet? I’m spot 1630 and all paid up, I wonder when I’ll get to pick mine up…

Nope… Haven’t gotten any communications from them other than the generic survey. I imagined mine would be on the earlier side as it’s for a 3rd gen tacoma dcsb… but who knows.

I would shoot them an email or a phone call, they were super helpful when I talked to them on the phone. Email was a little slow but Im sure its because they are so swamped with emails as it is

#1670 paid for 2 weeks here. Waiting for an install date