Trade my Ikamper 2.0 mini and cash for your V1 or V2 GFC Canopy camper

Hi, I have a ikamper mini 2.0 on my colorado zr2 short bed. anyone looking to trade thier GFC Canopy camper v1 (tacoma or colorado model) or v2 (colorado model) for an Ikamper plus money ?

Nevermind. I ended up just buying a new GFC. Selling my ikamper mini though if y’all know anyone who may be in the market for one. Probably the wrong place to ask hahaha

I would suggest just posting it on facebook. As much as I dislike FB, that seems to be the quickest way to sell stuff these days.

Ford Ranger forum is if you want to post it there.

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You’re right but gosh I hate Facebook too

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