Trade rear panel Tacoma (need 3rd gen)

Hey all!

I just picked up a 3rd gen Tacoma and I’m wanting to move my GFC over from my 2nd gen. If anyone is wanting to trade rear panels I have a black rear panel with a window for a 2nd gen Tacoma! I don’t mind if the 3rd gen panel has a window or not, just has to be the same color!

Located in central South Carolina!

I might be swapping the other way! I am picking up a gfc for a third gen but I own a second gen and need the second gen panels. Are you trading front and rear?

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I’m needing to trade that rear panel man!

Ok awesome I’ll keep you updated if I’m able to make the purchase. Are you only looking to trade the rear?

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Yeah just the rear man, when I switched over from my 2nd gen to my 3rd the rear lined up perfectly.

No seal issues at all and looks good too.