Trail suggestions near Bozeman?

Will anyone make a suggestion for some off-road trails or good fire Road camping somewhere around Bozeman or maybe even Yellowstone? I have Googled a number of results but any suggestions would be appreciated. The only time I’ve ever been to Montana was when I picked up my camper and ever since want to go back.

Delmoe lake ohv area
About an hour outside of Bozeman but cool camping among huge granite boulders and smokey quartz crystals to be found

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are you able to access the north shore of Delmoe to camp on? the trail coming in from the NW on some maps looks like it goes through, or access past the campground turn as you come in from the south

All the camping by the lake was pretty lame in my book. spots ten feet from each other and like 10$ a night but plenty of free camping in the ohv area surrounding the lake.
We found a spot maybe 1 mile south east of the lake and spent two days looking for Quartz crystals it was awesome.
Fun fact: Appearantly the largest smokey quartz found in Montana was found at Delmoe lake Area