Trail suggestions near Grand Canyon Arizona

Hey there, I’m planning a trip at the beginning of April to visit the Grand Canyon area. I’ve never been so I’m kind of clueless as where to go. There are so many options. If anyone cares to share some moderate trails or something 4x4 they would suggest that would be great. I have about 7 days to spend there. I would love to find some off-road trails that would give me some amazing views of the canyon. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I haven’t spent much time at the canyon itself, but the coconino plateau (southwest of the canyon) is fun to bomb around on.


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i’m planning on doing this sooner or later


That sounds awesome!
It says it crosses tribal land and requires a tribal permit, I’ve heard of places in that area where the permit is just a guy in a truck collecting $20 per car. (I have no problem with that)
However my concern would be that most tribal land I’ve driven past recently is closed to non tribe members due to Covid.

the entire trail is on tribal land. they do have a web site and they do have phones. check them out. just so you know, we don’t live in wigwams anymore


Toroweap on the North Rim has amazing canyon views and a great campground (permit needed).

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Diamond Creek is pretty cool, but not a challenging road by any stretch, and was fairly busy by my standards. Permits were easy to purchase on the west side of Peach Springs - can’t remember the name of the building but it was on the list of historic places IIRC. Camping on the river was rad.

North Rim is better IMO, but the proper visitor center and roads around there will be closed and possibly snowed in still in April. Highly recommend Toroweap and that area. Grab a map and explore.

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