Transporting 100 lb. propane tanks

Hey all,
Bryan Gagner here. I have a GFC for a Tacoma on the way,
I have to transport 2 100lb. propane tanks like 5 times a year. Is there anyway to do this while keeping the cap on? Tailgate action? any ideas? Trailer hitch racks? I may have to make some kind of bar attachment for the utility tracks on the rear if so. Just looking for ideas.

Can’t you just lay them down in the bed?

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Propane should be transported upright in a properly vented area.

@Gagner Is there a reason you can’t strap them into the seat? A good moving blanket and strap should keep them in place in the cab.

Naw, These are the tall 100 lb tanks so they wont fit in the cab. I don’t know that I’d want them in there anyway. And you are supposed to carry any propane tank upright. The valves are designed for gas not supercooled liquid. It can cause them to crack and burst. A lot of places, the two I go to to get them filled anyway, won’t give them to you unless you can transport them upright once filled. I think I can put them on a hitch cargo carrier rack but need to figure out a way to secure them at the top of the GFC camper. Burly style.
Thanks for the ideas though.

Interesting, I had no idea. So basically, the pressure relief valve isn’t designed to work if it is immersed in liquid (laying down) as opposed to gas (sitting upright). How about an angle, sticking out the back hatch? (So, you know, if you were rear ended, they would launch like scud missiles?)

So, how much extra pressure would we be talking about with a ventilated GFC? Dunno, assuming you have a neck collar, it certainly sounds safer than putting 200# jerry rigged to a carrier hitch! I guess it is moot if the supplier won’t release them to you.

Be sure to let us know what you come up with.

maybe take the cushions out of the bunk and they’ll fit upright? might have to pop the top a little and tie it closed… just spit balling here… I wouldn’t want to drag those around for sure. have you looked into propane delivery?

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Man, I’ve wrestled those 100 lb tanks before, even with a open truck they suck securing them standing upright. Costly but the path of least resistance would be buy a butt load of #20 or #30 and stick them in milk crates and tie them down. The trailer hitch idea definitely has potential, heck I have a motorcycle rack for my hitch, works great. My motorcycle rack bolts together, I’m sure something could be fabricated from there. Good luck, I’m interested in what you come up with.

If you don’t mind replacing your existing tanks, you could get ones that can be transported horizontally. This one from Flame King can be operated and transported horizontally.

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Let me first disclaim myself by stating that I know zero about safe transportation of propane, but first solution that comes to mind would be to strap them to the tailgate (in down position) and leave the back hatch of the GFC closed. This way they can be upright, but I don’t know how practical that would be depending on your other needs/uses while traveling. Good luck!