Traveling/Camping in Canada: Who is an expert?

Who has tips, tricks or key laws to know regarding camping/ traveling in Canada?

I am planning a trip from the Banff area, east to roughly the Montreal area and looking for input and tips, both in terms of places I should go/ see but also best practices when it comes to camping

While the neighbor to the north is familiar, I certainly don’t want to inadvertently camp somewhere I am not supposed.

I can’t speak for much east of Alberta but you will find generally it’s pretty similar to the states. You have private camping (KOA types), public camping or public lands. Highway rest stops are hit and miss.

  • BLM/Public land is called “Crown Land” and unless posted otherwise you can camp.

  • Provincial Parks/ Rec Sites - these usually have some nice camping areas. Most are self serve but can get busy peak season. Mid-week there is more chance to drive up. Most provinces have online booking options.

  • National Parks (Banff, Japser, etc) - they are strict about only camping in designated places. Lots of campgrounds but can fill up. You can check and book online in advance.

Similar to the States, it’s best to have an app that shows Crown land/public land or map out some provincial campgrounds along your route. iOverlannder helps to.

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Thanks Chuck, this is exactly what I was looking for. Mostly the crown land camping options.
Having grown familiar with how things operate state side I don’t want to make assumptions

Checkout Canada backroad map books maps, app, or layer on gaia maps. Shows all roads, trails, camping, and points of interest. I wouldn’t disperse camp there without it.