Triangular window seam delaminating

Anyone else have this issue? Mine is occurring in the front left triangular window, on the inside, front corner where the bungee attaches to the loop. Maybe the extra constant pressure added to it? In any case, they were quick to respond and offer me options.
Quick and easy fix is gorilla glue the seam back down.
Long term is drive back to Bozeman and have them re install a new tent, they send me a new one to do myself( gasp), or I wait for them to come to my area but nothing scheduled as of yet.

Think I might go grey this time, with my tornado grey panels.

I recently experienced this issue on my V2 that was 5 months old. Experienced on all 4 zippers of the small windows. I received the same 3 options; gorilla glue, replace the tent yourself or drive up to MT. I have done the gorilla glue fix and it’s kind of held up. Haven’t camped in it afterwards yet. But it’s been hot enough to dry lol

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I had both sides do this. Time for a service request

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Guess my options are to glue it myself, mail it in for repair or buy a new tent… blah


Is that what GFC told you??

Yep, simion from GFC got back to me pretty quick on this one.

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Bummer surprised they won’t do it under warrantee.

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They will do the repair under warranty as long as I pay to ship it to them and back. Puts me out of a tent for 4 weeks and whatever shipping costs would be. Kinda lame as these shouldn’t be delaminating like this IMHO.

I recall somewhere that it was mentioned that there are several authorized repair shops across the United States that do those warranties repair/replacement on behalf of GFC or am I mistaken?

Could have sworn there was one in Denver and one somewhere in the east coast NC? This isn’t the PIT thing they did a couple of years ago

I’ve been in contact with GFC recently with regard to my leaky tent, and am working through a warranty replacement. They did offer me an option to have a local partner here in Denver do the tent swap, with the clarification that they’re only trained in certain things and aren’t able to handle 100% of things that may come up. I’ve chosen to wait a little bit and get the warranty repair items taken care of when I’m up in the area this winter on an already scheduled trip. Not sure if the local partner shops are always an option, depending on the repair needed.

That makes perfect sense

Nope. Basically fix it yourself or spend more $$ for us to glue and sew it for you. The more I think about this the more frustrating it is.


We essentially have two options for you, first option would be to DYI with adhesion or hand sewn fix, second option is to remove the tent and ship the tent to us to be fixed free of charge.
If the tent is shipped to us, we will sew all doors and fix any small rips or tears.
You will have to pay shipping to and from our facility; with the acceptance that it may take up to two weeks for the tent to be shipped back once received.


@GFC_Support this is a shit solution IMHO for something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Obviously if the seams just delaminate and pull away some manufacturing flaws have happened. Maybe they should have been sewn in the first place… le sigh

yeah, I will probably just glue it up. The idea of sending it in is just ludicrous especially on my dime for a manufacturing flaw… Probably would have been less annoyed if they had just said “we found the perfect glue to solve this we will put some in the mail to you so you can glue it up and be good as new”

hell maybe I am just in a crappy mood from being sick since Saturday…

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For what it’s worth, I just tried the gorilla fabric glue on my seams and it seems to be holding well. Only time will tell, but if it works then I’m happy until I get out to Bozeman again for a tent swap.

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I too had a good experience with the gorilla glue. Had to kinda hold the zipper portion to the tent for a bit once it got tacky and wasn’t separating under its weight

I was thinking of using a magnet on one side and a chunk of angle iron on the other to keep things in place while the glue does its thing…, #notpatient :slight_smile:

His tent is from a V1… see the snaps? He’s likely outside the warranty period due to its age.

Pop the snaps out in 5-10 minutes, throw it in the mail and you should get it back rather quickly.

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Technically still in the 2 year warranty (barely). Technically it is a V1.5 last ones that didn’t had snaps (still part of the transition to the V2)

Rather quickly would be nice but GFC isn’t known for fast manufacturing or repair lets be honest… :slight_smile: