Trim on the 2 smaller squares?

For those using an alternative mattress and removed the GFC foam/covers, have y’all used any kind of trim along the sides of the 2 smaller panels? It would be great to not only protect, but to keep foam flakes from coming off from the open sides.

I’ve been thinking about this myself. Hoping someone smarter than me has already figured out a solution.

I used duct tape. Looks pretty much like it came that way.

I took my pocket knife and scraped all the plastic flakes off and then lightly sanded the edges and corners. It was very time consuming but leaves them not sharp and you won’t continue to have the white pieces of plastic falling everytime you move them.

He used to putty knife, white silicone, caulking, sealed it up, made it perfectly flat.
I attached yoga mats quarter inch thick fixed with round Velcro dots so I can remove the pads when I use it as a table or working area. This also gave it some additional insulation not that it really needed it.

A good product idea would be some kind of self inflatable foam cushions to go into the sections where the original foam used to be. Instead of a full sized puff pad individual sized puff pads.

You can buy the metal trim from GFC.