Trimming Fenders and Removing Liners on 3G Tacoma

Hey guys. I’m thinking about trimming all four fenders on my truck to accommodate my bigger tires. I’m worried about turning the back of the camper into a dust bowl from trimming since I wouldn’t be able to utilize the fender liners. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone has their fenders trimmed and if it made much of a difference dust wise.

I did all I could to seal my bed before I got my camper on, so the bed rails are sealed and everything else I could find.

Thanks in advance for any input!

Likely the next step will be to seal your cubby holes if you have them. Also, as I noticed on my 3G there are gaps/holes/openings between the bed cap and the side of the bed, in the rear most corners near where the tailgate meets the bed. Just FYI