Trouble contacting GFC

I have been trying to contact GFC via phone/email/social media for over a month. More importantly over the last week trying to get info and complete a transfer.

Anyone else having issues getting in contact/response from GFC?

I’ve done a couple transfers, all though the email below. Some were done in 24 hrs, others took 4-5 days.


Thanks for the response, I have a specific question before starting the transfer regarding pricing.

What specific pricing question do you have?

I ask because a lot of the pricing questions have been covered on the forum and we might be able to help you out.


If an invoice is already paid in full at a previous price point and installation scheduled, will the price increase to the current cost if/when it is sold to another person?

Since your invoice is paid in full it would stand that you already own it and are setting the price. GFC was mainly clamping down on people transferring grandfathered spots and trying to pocket the $500 change. That transfer would just be a person going to pick it up, not actually changing up how the spot it built. @GFC @GFC_Collin @GFC_Support


That makes sense and thanks for the response.