Truck Make/Model/Year Surveys

Anyone else having to answer the same questions over and over again? I’ve given GFC my truck make, model, year, etc three times now. Every time I get an email from GFC or a phone call from Montana, my heart skips a little thinking my build might be starting soon. But instead it’s just GFC wanting to know what truck I have, yet again. I’ve read about other customers driving out to Montana only to realize their camper was built for the wrong truck, so I appreciate GFC making sure they are getting it right. But also part of me gets a little nervous with every new form I have to submit because it seems they aren’t storing this information very well. The free form google surveys also don’t inspire a lot of confidence in their backend infrastructure. It’s truly not a big deal, and I’m stoked for my camper! I’m just hoping the next email I get from them is the one where I get to pick out my colors :smile:.

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welcome to the GFC experience