TruckParts Camper Lighting

Hey Guys,

In cased you missed it, @pc3coyote put together an installation guide for my lighting kit. Take a look if you’re interested.

Also interested in any customer feedback for those that have installed already. Quite a few kits out in the last couple of weeks.



A video install tutorial would excellent.

I’m going to try to install mine in the next few weeks. I’ll try to do a video if y’all don’t mind my style lol. I’m a tradesman not an engineer…



@pc3coyote this is the kind of instructions that only toyota lovers come up with. Nice work my friend

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Thanks! I hope it’s helpful!

Whatever happened to that install video?

Haven’t gotten around to it. A bunch of stuff went sideways on me about a month back. Sorry everyone


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Regarding Step 12C on the install guide - I do not see a “GFC pass through” on my v2 Camper. Does anyone have a solution for v2 owners that does not involve drilling my own pass through? Thanks

It should be there … kind of hard to spot but it’s toward the front corner of the camper along the driver’s side - I have a V1 and that’s where mine is.

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Has anyone installed on an XL camper? Is there enough wire length in the kit?

Anyone else have issues with the ziptie clip adhesive? Mine were all installed correctly, and started falling off after the first day over 100 degrees. Looking for a better solution that is better suited for hot summers.

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Pretty sure mine fell off before I got home after the install

I actually was just having this issue myself. The heat is what really fucks them. I bought some more off of amazon, but looking for better ones. I think using 3m VHB tape might be the way to go here.


Same problem here. Mine all came off. Luckily the lights themselves are still solid. I bought an extra roll of VHB to fix things.

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Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that would be the best course of action lol.

This is deff not an issue with Truckparts, its just those damn clip adhesives kinda blow when the panels are sitting in 95+ degrees.

I have found most VHB tape fails way before the suggested temps. McMaster sells tape that goes down to -40 F and above 250 F, and I think those are the respective boundaries I’d stay above and below (living in Montana).


I also try to generally live my life between -40 and 250 degrees :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


How do you like the light kit so far? Do the dimmers allow you to independently turn on/off the upstairs and downstairs lights or do they all turn on with the master switch and then the dimmers allow you only dim?

There is one master switch that is “downstairs”.

There are two dimmers, one “upstairs” and one “downstairs”.

Both dimmers act independently. When one dimmer is turned all the way down (lets say upstairs)there is no light coming out from those two lights while the downstairs can be on completely. This stands true also if upstairs is on fully but downstairs dimmer is turned “off”.

Hope this helps

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