GFC lock. **SOLD**

I bought 2, and really only needed one. They’re out of stock on their site … being that they are spendy and these are brand new, I feel like $100.00 shipped is a good deal.

Probably not needed most of the time, but it’s nice to be able to lock stuff down just in case.

@JDUDA619 thought I tag you not sure if you need two or only one.

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the issue I found with 2 is that it seemed redundant; I doubt anybody could pry a corner open far enough, given how damn stiff those rails are.

I’ll take it if you haven’t already sold it. Plus, I’m a sucker for the Misfits - I met Glen Danzig once when he was releasing/signing his Death Dealer comics in Phoenix. It was a private event so we got to chat a bit.

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Sounds good … can you do PayPal?

pm the deets -20 characters…sheesh

PayPal address is under my email

I’ll see about getting it boxed up and in the mail today, if not Monday.

Been listening to more Danzig lately but the Misfits see pretty regular rotation in my library. The legal battle between Jerry & Glenn bummed me out … but stories like that are nothing new in the music business. Kinda similar to Josh Homme and the rest of what used to be Kyuss.

If you ever watched the show ‘Portlandia’, Glenn had a cameo in one of the episodes - it was mildly amusing. I think it’s out there on YouTube.

All our hero’s disappoint right? I’ve been rolling a lot of Mastadon and Slayer lately. I’m a bit eclectic though and also mix in some funk, Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, The Meters and so on. I keep meaning to watch Portlandia, That’ll give me an excuse to start lol. I’ll look for the episode.

Payment sent.

Yeah my tastes have broadened as well … maybe because I’ve gotten older & maybe a bit wiser at 51! I’ll get it packaged and get you the tracking # when I have it.

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Truth brother - I’m only a few years behind you. Look forward to the lock - I’m also waiting on the next batch of awning blocks. Always improving…lol

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I also have an extra one of these laying around that I would sell for $100 obo. Not highly motivated seller but willing.


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@oddball I’d be interested in picking that up if you don’t mind shipping to Canada.

I’ll buy it from you if you still are motivated. I’m located in los Angeles

You still selling the lock. I’ll buy it if so.