TruckParts.Parts GFC Pop-Top Lock(s)

I’ll check tomorrow, I got my lock today and have the new hinges. PM me if I don’t respond by the evening

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Just curious when did you order yours and what state do you live in?

My understanding is that it works, but you have to flip the lock upside down—meaning the key insert now faces the sky rather than the ground.

I ordered on Dec 12th and got the package yesterday in CA. The tracking number didn’t register until it got to San Diego on the 17th.

The lock fits fine with the embassy hinge. It occupies the top row of the bottom extrusion and the bottom row of the top extrusion. The lock can be inserted from either direction and you can flip the large piece to the top if you prefer but there is no need. I was hoping there would be enough room behind the awning mounts but doesn’t look like it, possibly the new style mount will have more room.


@m006972 looks like what you told me wasn’t accurate: you don’t have to flip the locks.

Good news. Glad they fit.

All orders placed to this date are shipping today if they haven’t already.


I lied. I got the correct hardware to install after the original package had the wrong size (which was discovered and corrected by Chuck before I even got the package) and the lock will only fit from the top if installed above the embassy hinge. Not a huge deal for most people but if you live in a place where moisture and cold weather are an issue make sure you install the rubber cover properly so you don’t end up with a frozen lock cylinder. You could install the lock forward of the hinge and it will possibly still work but I’m not about to test it and destroy things.

@Chuck if you are reading this I would recommend making the blocks just a little bit wider and shifting the cylinder away from the extrusion. It just barely wont slip into the hole so you would probably only need to shift it over 1/8" for it to fit.

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Thanks for the correction!

Thanks for the feedback!

It should not be an issue to install forward of the hinges, for what its worth. Will still totally work up there.

Chuck–where would one find the rubber caps to cover the locks from inclement weather?

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Send me an email and I can put one in the mail for ya.

To those of you that got lock kits without the rubber portion, I stopped including them on later orders because they were kind of clunky to use. That said, with the new hinges from GFC and running the locks key side up, I can see the benefit, so I am reaching out to my supplier to grab some of those covers and can send them out when they arrive.


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Adding my email here in case anyone has an issue finding it on the site:

truckpart4u (at) gmail


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Just now seeing this I sent you an email earlier this afternoon about it. Didn’t know these were not included with the lock.
Chuck T

Just got the embassy hinge compatible awning mounts and the lock will not fit behind the awning as expected. So the lock will get moved over to the driver’s side all by it’s lonesome.

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Hi Chuck

I notice their is no warranty on the light package. If something goes wrong with a component can we order parts from you or can you provide replacement parts link?

Mine is totally stuck. Tried teflon spray and liquid wrench. Anyone have any other tips?

Is it stuck locked or is it just stuck shut? I would recommend a prybar but if the lock won’t even unlock then I’m no help.