TruckParts.Parts GFC Pop-Top Lock(s)

Saw this on IG today, others may be interested:

A bit pricey, but beautifully custom machined! :sunglasses:


I am ordering one. Thanks for the share. It doesn’t even really look like a lock, so it is very subtle. Lol I just don’t want to be that guy that drives 3-4 hours to a campsite, only to discover I left the keys at home to unlock the tent :sweat_smile:


I have had that same feeling with the camper keys themselves. I generally do not keep keys on the same ring, so it feels like a risk every time I go in the truck. Realizing now that I should probably change that.

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Well, I added it to the list of things to potentially buy.

But… I wonder if a solid whack with a rock or hammer could sheer it off. Probably still easier just to take a crowbar to the panel.

I have a set under my rear seat, a set in the glove box and a set on my key chain, just in case. I have never had to use a back up set but I never feel anxious about it either haha

Also looking for a locking tent solution. I’ve got some expensive toys and equipment I keep in the back. I mounted a key lock box onto the back of my steel bumper. Just in case I forget a key, or my dog locks me out at a gas station (that actually happened this week)

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Hello! I ordered a set of lock via his IG on 9/1 but haven’t heard back from him (Chuck?). Any idea if he is still making these? Thanks!

He’s seemed to have gone dark on this forum :frowning:

Yeah, I contacted him via email, IG DM, and I even tried a video call via IG. Followed up after a week, no dice. I doubt that he is trying to scam me. Probably going through some personal stuff, so I’m wishing him well. I disputed the charges with my bank since it’s been 2 months since I placed the order. USAA is pretty good with this kinda stuff.

An update. He made good on shipping the locks. I had disputed the charge but reversed it and made sure he was paid. The lock is good quality but had to modify the install to accommodate the new embassy hinges.

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I’m not dead!

Totally underestimated how busy my fall would get.

Trying my best to take care of anyone I dropped the ball with on lock kits. If you had any bad feedback please reach out, guarantee you I will make it right.

Just started shipping lights over the weekend.

I am currently using some tough to source sticky tabs for the cable management kit, and am waiting on another shipment of those to arrive. So anyone who has ordered before this morning will have their order ship likely today if it hasn’t already gone out.

Anyone who places an order after today and wants to purchase the cable management kit, those should arrive around new years and will ship out immediately once those parts arrive.

Thanks for your understanding, and apologies for the lack of communication.


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So do the locks work or do the locks not work
with the new hinge. As I just ordered a lock along with some lights.

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I second this. I didn’t even think of the hinge taking up extrusion space now :upside_down_face: @Chuck

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It should not be an issue, but I have not confirmed. The lock cylinder sits 1" out from extrusion on center, so the key needs about 5/8" to freely spin. It doesn’t look like the new hinge sits out that far in photos.

It also doesn’t sit down very far (just into the second track) so it should not be an issue. But again, don’t have one to confirm right now. If anyone does please let us know.


Hi Chuck,

Are the lock kits in stock/shipping again?

When I looked for a friend this morning they were only available in a sets of 2 not for a single one.

Saw that too–was hoping to confirm with him before ordering since another user had posted about a multi-month wait. Took a leap anyway and just got tracking info an hour ago!

added inventory of the individuals.

Trying to get everything out within a week if not sooner.

Currently waiting on the mounting kit for some of the lights, so those could likely be around two weeks, and timing is reflected on the product page.

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There has been a rash of surfer’s vehicles stolen by breaking in to those combo lock boxes where I live. Seems fairly easy to do.

So can anyone confirm whether the locks work on the new hinge? Can’t seem to get a definitive answer if they do. If they do not i’m going to be canceling my order.