Trxstle + Beef Rack?

Has anyone found a solution for mounting a Trxstle fly rod carrier to the beef rack? The bars are too beefy for the clamp system that comes with the Trxstle. It seems like a U clamp over the rod carrier bolted directly to the t-nuts might work?

Anyone got a way to mount the Trxstle to the bars, and is willing to share? Much appreciated!

Damn 2 years old and I’m in the same boat…

Can you post a picture of the rod carrier with a beef bar for sizing reference?

I didn’t realize Trxstle made XL clamps that should work. Otherwise, I can drill through the center of the rod carrier , where that slot is, and run some u-bolts around the beef bar and up through the carrier to be snuggled up. I’ll post pics when I get the XL clamps. I’ll try those first.

Is that a track slot in the bottom of the rod carrier? Do you have access to slide in a carrage bolt head in the slot?
Thinking 4 bolts, one on each side of each beef bar, then a flat plate under the beef bar with 2 holes for the bolts and just snug up some nuts under the plate.

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Sorry i just saw this. Just the way the slot lined il with the bar , i didnt have a slot where i needed it. I ended ul drilling through the too with a hole saw and running a t-track bolt from the beefbar up through the carrier. The hole saw was so i could access a socket and tight everything down.

Has anyone tried the Trxstle XL clamps?

Yes and they did not work for me. I tried I bolts and a host of other things. Eventually what I did was use a drill bit lined up with the T-track where I wanted it on the beef bar. I used a hole saw on the top hole only so I could get a socket in there. T nuts and bolts. The bonus is it lays flat on the bar with no vibration or tilting, unlike the clamps which make the rod carrier ride on the clamp which is centered causing side to side shake and wobble. Hope this helps.

Thanks. I ended up ordering a Riversmith River Quiver instead (with the T-Track mounting system).

Do you have any pictures of the Riverquiver installed?

Originally installed mine to the insdie of the bed but hate breaking down a rigged rod.