Trxstle + Beef Rack?

Has anyone found a solution for mounting a Trxstle fly rod carrier to the beef rack? The bars are too beefy for the clamp system that comes with the Trxstle. It seems like a U clamp over the rod carrier bolted directly to the t-nuts might work?

Anyone got a way to mount the Trxstle to the bars, and is willing to share? Much appreciated!

Damn 2 years old and I’m in the same boat…

Can you post a picture of the rod carrier with a beef bar for sizing reference?

I didn’t realize Trxstle made XL clamps that should work. Otherwise, I can drill through the center of the rod carrier , where that slot is, and run some u-bolts around the beef bar and up through the carrier to be snuggled up. I’ll post pics when I get the XL clamps. I’ll try those first.

Is that a track slot in the bottom of the rod carrier? Do you have access to slide in a carrage bolt head in the slot?
Thinking 4 bolts, one on each side of each beef bar, then a flat plate under the beef bar with 2 holes for the bolts and just snug up some nuts under the plate.

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Sorry i just saw this. Just the way the slot lined il with the bar , i didnt have a slot where i needed it. I ended ul drilling through the too with a hole saw and running a t-track bolt from the beefbar up through the carrier. The hole saw was so i could access a socket and tight everything down.