Tundra Bed Rail Question

Hey all,
I had a question as my build is within a few months of getting started (#1308). I have a 2021 Tundra (SR5/TRD Off-Road) with a 6.5’ bed that I purchased new from the dealer. It does not have the factory bed rail system. It does have a spray in bedliner but thats it. Im sure that this is a super rudimentary question for most of you but is the bed rail system something that I need to do prior to my install? I guess I initially assumed that it was included with the GFC but now I am not thinking that is the case. No problem, just wanted to make sure I was ready to go.

If I need to do the purchase and install, do you all have any recommendations for a bedrail system for my truck that you would recommend? I’ve attached a pic of the current state of my bed :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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Yes you will need the bed rails. I found mine off of Craigslist for cheap. You may have to get it from your local toyota parts dealer if anything. Super quick install.

You do not need the bed rails they have a different clamping system if you don’t have it. I checked before my install. That being said I just had mine installed (2020 Tundra) and did install the rail system before i went up there. (around $200 and all you need is an allen wrench to install). It is a great system and recommend it way more secure than my old truck and topper clamp system… plus you get tie down points.


I had the same issue on my 2020 with no bed rail system. I found a pretty good deal on cool springs Toyota, couldn’t find anything on Craigslist, here’s the link below for what I purchased this 6.5” bed.

Installed my camper in August 2020.


I will add that I had some water intrusion issues coming from under my bed rail caps. If I would’ve known before getting my GFC it would’ve been easier to seal them up. Apparently the factory bed has some ridges in the metal and the plastic bed cap sits atop those in certain spots. When my GFC was installed and clamped down you can now tell where those ridges are since my bed cap plastic is somewhat wavy looking. Just a heads up and I’m not sure if other tundra owners have had the same issue but I chased the drips forever until I found the bed rail cap issue.

Epic! Thank you all for following up. I am going to order the system through the link @LBS_TRDadventures provided. Appreciate it!

@WVTRDPro do you mind me asking what you used to seal up under the bed rail caps? I appreciate you saying that and could imagine it happening. Would love to be proactive doing that fix before the camper is on. Thank you for mentioning it.


@DannyEnder check out this link.


It shows you the little ridges in the plastic cap and where they sealed it up. I had to seal it up from inside the bed since my GFC was already on.