Tundra crewmax roof rack

Hey guys anyone found a roof rack that works on the Crewmax with the GFC?

Following this. Saw someone chop down a prinsu to fit, but I have a tough time paying full price for a rack and taking the hacksaw to it.

I have a double cab but I am going to uptop overland December 20th for them to measure my truck for a roof rack. They said it should give them an idea for a crewmax as well which will mean they will be able to produce them. I will update you guys. I pick up my GFC Dec 12th

yea, I’ve been looking at doing that also and with the same concerns…

Awesome!! Please keep us updated on how it goes…
I’m looking for a low profile rack just to chuck random stuff on and put a light bar on the front as I find the light bar on the GFC front didn’t work to well with the length of the crew max roof.

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Will do. I contacted lots of people and these guys were the first to get back with me

Measurements have been done so now the wait. Sounds like it should happen in January

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epic thanks for the update… Anxiously waiting

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