Tundra gen 1 fitment

Being Saturday I’m not able to call GF…does anybody know if a platform camper from a Gen 1 A/C tundra will properly fit a Gen 1 DC?

My assumption is that it will fit perfectly if the bed is the same length.

what I’m finding online is:
the AC is 4/10" longer and 1/2" narrower.

I’m guessing you’re talking to someone selling theirs off an access cab?

Why not ask them to give some measurements so you can verify

I do not think they are the same I have an 03 access cab and it had a dc canopy on it when I first purchased it and it was definitely to wide, it worked but the body lines didn’t match the shell hung out probably 1 inch on either side, so I would assume it would be same issue and it wouldn’t seal right