Tundra GFC Build

Thought I’d share my build since I haven’t seen too many Tundras yet with GFC’s. Mine is a 2016 TRD Pro that I picked up in October of 2015.

It has gone through a couple overland/camping setups since getting it. I had a couple different bed rack’s with a Tepui RTT that we used quite a lot for a couple years.
I ordered my GFC in October of 2018 and picked it up in September of 2019.

And this is how it’s currently setup.

Currently have Icon suspension all around with 2.5 Coilovers up front with adjusters
RXT rear shocks with adjusters
RXT leaf springs on option 2 for now, may go to 3 soon
N-Fab RDS front bumper
Custom Wilco Hitchgate Max turned into rear bumper


Nice ride. I’m trying to get a GFC, in the meantime I have a 2019 tundra 4x4 sport. 6.5’ bed like yours. Do you have anything that came off the truck for sale? I’m just starting my build. TODD

Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t hang on to many parts once I swap them out, not enough garage space.

A few updates to the truck and camper.

ARB Single Compressor

Duluth Seat Back Bunker. This really fits the XL camper nicely and the grey matches my space frame.

And my current bed setup with single drawer and storage.


Nice build out, very simple and clean.

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Front bumper is legit. Wish they made something like that for 2nd generation tacoma… Simple!


My only gripe is that I wish it could hold a winch, other than that, I love it.

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Nice Tundra! Did you build the drawer on the passenger side?

Yes, to try and compensate some weight from the gas tank being in the drivers side.

What material did you use? I was looking at building one similar, but wanted to stay away from plywood. Do you have any pictures of it on the inside for the supports and what not?

Mine is made out of wood. I made a frame out of 2x4’s and also used a piece of 4x4 as a leg in the back corner. I then covered it and made the drawer body out of 1/2” plywood but I used the higher grade plywood from Lowe’s. I finished it by painting it with black exterior paint which I also added some texture particles to make it somewhat feel like a truck bed liner. So far it has held up. I can try and get some pictures of the inside for you.

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Cool, thanks! To me it looked like maybe HDPE material in the pictures! Good work on the paint/texture!

Couple updates. I added the Matt Gecko LED light kit in my camper. Really nice kit with everything included and well put together.

Also got a set of the Shittco blocks from his recent re-stock. Really simple, yet very convenient.


I would love to see more pics of the drawer…I want to do a single drawer in my XL build as well but unsure exactly how I want to do it as of yet!

Second that, and do you run a fridge back there?

@upsguy & @LBS_TRDadventures I’ll work on getting some more photos of the drawer. I do use a fridge on top of it. Currently waiting for delivery of my DFG Offroad fridge slide and tilt to make accessing the fridge that much easier when the GFC isn’t opened up.

Drawer detailed photos:

Blueridge Overland Gear velcro pouches on the end

I found this seat back organizer that fit perfectly on the side of the drawer for odds and ends

I also added some storage compartments in behind and beside the drawer in the unused space

I used some HDPE , I think it’s called, plastic for the slides. It’s definitely smoother than wood on wood but probably not as nice as an actual drawer slide but I didn’t want to spend that much

Carpet lined the drawer and also added the strip of angled aluminum to the edge of the drawer to keep from getting beat up. I just used some simple bolt on tie downs for the fridge and other anchor points.


Very cool, may copy you on my tundra build! Post up the slide when you install if you don’t mind.

Nice work!

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Thanks for the pics man…Really like what you did!!

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Just passed 5 years of ownership on the truck so I figured that was a bronze-worthy anniversary. Swapped out the factory Pro wheels for some SCS Ray10’s in dark bronze. Really like the look of these on the truck and the weight savings over the stock wheels was a bonus too.

I’ve also been slowly working on a new “home” for the truck since it no longer fits in the garage after getting the camper. It’s just a simple timber-frame style lean-to with a metal roof. I may add sides and a door down the road but works for now to keep the truck and camper out of the rain, snow, and direct sun.

Also added a simple Velcro pouch from Blue Ridge Overland gear as some easy storage on the ceiling of the camper. I’m going to see how it works out and may add more. I like the custom made options for the campers but can’t justify that spending right now.