Tundra Lift Springs

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I have found a couple of different topics on here so far, so apologies if this is redunant.

I need to upgrade the rear lift springs on our 2017 Tundra. We replaced all shocks with the FOX 2.0 system and added the Timbren Bump Stops. I thought this might be worth adding to avoid installing lift springs, but it has made the ride a lot more firm and did not do a ton for quality and durability.

I am looking at the ICON MULTI RATE RXT LEAF PACK W/ ADD IN LEAF and the CS055R -OME Rear Dakar leaf springs.

Is anyone running one over the over? They are about the same price point that I would like to stay in. It seems that the OME Dakar’s have a lot of reviews over the ICON’s. Thanks for any input!

I had a similar situation with my 2017 Tacoma. I was running Bilstein 5100’s and I replaced my bumpstops with Sumosprings. Due to the amount of weight I carry, the ride was harsh because the truck body was always riding on the Sumos.

To correct this problem, I installed the RXT, option #3. Be aware that if you go with this option, you will have to get extended brake lines to go with your extended travel shocks. I have been very happy with this setup.

On Tacomaworld, there’s a thread that compares the RXT and Dakars. The consensus is that the Dakars are your budget-friendly option, but they are also notoriously noisy/squeaky.

A few people with RXT’s have also reported a squeak issue. To address this issue, one of the vendor, Hotshot Offroad, put out this video to fix the RXT squeaking problem. I did this fix before mounting the leaf springs and so far, the leaf springs have been quiet.

Btw, if you still have questions, I would contact Hotshot Offroad. Colton, the owner, is very knowledgeable and will give you honest information. Plus, he probably has the best prices you will find. No tax and free shipping. I bought my setup through him when he was having an Icon sale. Win, win! Good luck.

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