Tundra Model Year Compatibility?

Hey Y’all- does anyone know if a V2 camper built for a 2016 Tundra double cab would fit a 2021 Tundra double cab?

Bed dims appear to be exactly the same, only difference I can see is the 2020+ Tundras have a shark fin antenna.

I’m thinking about upgrading my truck while I wait for my build (V2#2004) to complete.

Any thoughts welcome thanks!

I would call GFC directly to confirm but I believe they are not compatible because of the shark fin. The pre shark fin models I believe are lower to the cab.

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From Collin at GFC- Platform Campers for dbl cab Tundra- Compatible with all 6.5’ bed Tundras from 2014-2021 and there is no need to delete the shark fin.

Interesting because when I was getting mine, I had to get a new truck right before they started producing it. I was trying to decide between a 2019/2020 and they specifically said that a V1 made for a 2019 wouldn’t fit a 2020 because of the shark fin. The V2 may be different though because of the non spaceframe….

Totally. I also saw a youtube video (pasted below) of a guy with a tundra double cab and he drove all the way out from the east coast to bozeman where they discovered that it would not fit because of the shark fin. they sent him home without a camper. I would quadruple check @Geo5. Watch the video

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Yikes! I have an email from GFC support stating the camper will fit, surely that’s good enough?? I will double check, my install is 9/10- thanks @DannyEnder