Turbo Cabinet

Anyone have a turbo cabinet. Thinking about one for my new Maverick GFC.Camper. What is the height and depth of the cabinet. Can’t find the dimensions online. I assume the length will be approximately 4.5’.

I have one and really like it. 5’ bed Tacoma.
As with anything, there is always a bit of a trade - off, in this case, you lose a little interior space but gain a lot of organization. I found that you can use the top of the turbo cubby as a workbench, table instead of using a piece of the transform-a-floor which I really like.
Also being able to access a few items in the cubby from the cab of the truck is a nice way to keep small things organized.
All in all, I really like it - very solid and functional. Im just glad I didn’t have to assemble / install it myself haha - lots of hardware!