Turbo Nap Mattress is Live


Our all-new mattress system provides an unparalleled sleep experience, while retaining the convenience and usefulness of the Transform-A-Floor. It’s called the TurboNap, which is a silly name sitting on top of a serious feat of engineering and design. The 4-way stretch top panel let’s the foam do the work contouring your body providing the plush yet supportive feel.

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Compatibility: V1 Campers, V2 Campers, and RTTs For campers, the honeycomb panels are not included for Platform Camper upgrade kits. Please re-use your existing panels!

*If you currently have a Platform Camper on order, your camper will come with the TurboNap Sleep System. To know if you have the TurboNap, check to see if you have the new 4-way stretch nylon spandex on your mattress.

Learn more here!


How much for the retrofit kit for a camper?

Nevermind just saw it on the site, 550 for now…

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well there goes my allowance for the next 6 months. :money_mouth_face: I’m in for a set. I’ll let you all know if it lives up to the marketing and I’m sure it will!

my shoulder has been killing me for the last 3 months and it has stopped me from using my camper because it’s like sleeping on cement!


Have you received the mattress yet? Worth the cost?

There is a 10 week lead time on them. Only people who have them is in new campers so they probably don’t know the pain we all suffered with the old 2inches of concrete.


what gainz said… 10 weeks should be by 1/1/24 or if history repeats itself… 1/1/26

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Got ahead of this for you and processed a refund! Would hate to disappoint.

For everyone else, we’re on track to ship well within 10 weeks. Can’t wait for you all to enjoy the TurboNap!


Hey I’m thinking about the upgrade but wondering if there’s any recommendation for what to do with the original foam and covers once I get the freshie Turbos . . .

Seems like a waste to just toss them. I’m considering stacking them in the long bed on top of BamBeds* to use when I’m stealth sleeping (i.e., tent down) or just kicking it in the bed without the tent deployed, which I do sometimes.

But that idea takes up space. Thoughts?

I made a dog bed out of mine for the back of the truck after I started running the hest. Works well cause they clean easily.


This is a really good question, and I hope everyone who upgrades doesn’t just toss their old mattress. I’ve already cut mine up, and made some bench cushions for hanging out downstairs. I definitely plan to make more. I will also hang on to the covers, and try to use those for some future sewing projects.


Brilliant. Using them as bench cushions is more or less the repurpose I’m talking about!

@mrbroll, for my build I’d want to cut the larger rectangle mattress down to the same size as the smaller rectangle one. That way they’d stack perfectly on the back Bam board when not using them and then fill the truck bed almost* perfectly when stealth sleeping.

So, cutting the foam is easy enough, but I’m curious what did you do to get such a clean fit for the covers . . .

Did you buy or make those?

Maybe @GFC has a spare V2 cover for the smaller rectangle lying around.

Killer rig, by the way @mrbroll

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Thanks! I made my covers. They’re 500d cordura, with waterproof (or maybe just resistant?) zippers. Definitely overkill, and maybe not the best choice of materials for a cushion, but I decided to just buy a bunch of cordura one day and find ways to use it.

They’re only the third sewing project I’ve done, but the cutting is the most tedious task. It’s basically like building a 2" tall box, but accounting for seam allowance on all of the panels. I’ve found that when you get the cuts accurate, the actual sewing part is pretty straightforward.

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I’ve been sewing for most of my life, and I looked at those and thought “Damn, nice work”.

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Those look sweet! Wanna make some more?

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Thanks! It’s unfortunately not worth it for me to make these for other people right now, though. There’s enough labor time involved that it’s only worth it to do it for myself. I get to enjoy the learning experience, the pain (love me a little type 2 fun any way I can get it) and the product.

Now, If I had an industrial walking foot machine, and a way to streamline the cutting a bit more, maybe. There’s a reason professionals use professional tools. It saves a load of time and pain. These took quite a bit of patience with my domestic machine. I’m pushing heavier thread through it than I really should be, and I have to manually advance the machine a lot to get through some seams. I’m quite surprised I haven’t broken a needle yet.

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That’s what I figured but can’t hurt to ask. Good on ya for making them, I’d probably wind up putting the needle through my hand with the machine if I tried.

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I plan on using mine as a cushion on top of my storage/electrical cabinet.