TurboCubby Cabinet Only In White?

Is anybody else disappointed that the new TurboCubby cabinet system is only available in “Bright White River”??

I currently have a Platform Camper on order (w/black-panels) for my Mineral Grey Gladiator Mojave. I do think that the TurboCubby is a nicely designed, well executed cabinet… however the white color is going to make it look like an afterthought on my black/grey/orange rig.

C’mon GFC! Why not at least offer it in two color ways; how about white and black?

I also have some concerns, considering the Gladiator’s shallow bed depth that it may be challenging to find 12V fridge that will fit below the cabinet. Looks like I may only have ~17" to work with and that has to include the slide-out mech’. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it…

Should have been made in black also especially with the black space frame.


I was surprised they didn’t offer the same colors as the panels even if there was a small additional cost like with the campers.

Not sure how that would be much harder to do but white does seem to a “safe” bet.

What’s up Mark!

We’re all about customizability, but we also like to keep it simple and functional.

When we were testing and validating our decisions around the design and Color Material Finish for the cabinets for camping and general applications, we found that the white reflects much more light at night whether it’s ambient or artificial and made finding gear much easier. Even during the day, with the panels open casting some shade, the contrast in silhouette the white cabinet provides really helped locating things quickly. We also worked with a plumbing and heating company to help put our cabinets through its paces in a commercial application so the conclusion on white made the most sense for us at launch.

We hear your Mark! Black has been a popular request since launch for those looking for some aesthetic cohesion in their builds. We want to make sure we go through the same validation in areas that apply for any other colors because they can have impacts on functionality that might not initially be apparent.

We hope to provide more details about colors in the future!

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plastidip that thing black and call it a day


Glow in dark plastic dip only right? :handshake:t4:


Glow in the dark on the inside, black on the outside… ice cream paint job… or somethin like that


Yo GFC (Yuji), thanks for the speedy response. I think you guys are rad!

I chose my GFC Platform Camper (among many other reasons) because of the customizability. However in this case I think GFC mighta’ missed the mark… or at least not taken into consideration what’s actually (most) important to your customers; the “popular request since launch” is a pretty good indication of that.

And what about folks like me who have already ordered and paid for a camper AND a TurboCubby and are now waiting for our rad GFC stuff? Will your “future color details” be available before I take delivery in February?

Bottom line; I don’t want white!
How much do I have to pay GFC to have mine powder coated a different color? Or just send it to me bare and I’ll have it done! I want my TurboCubby to be an attractive dark color (black would work, or grey even) so that it doesn’t look like shizz… I’ve got a headlamp and a whole collection of flashlights to help me with gear finding :wink:



Appreciate you going with GFC! Hope to have some something for you by the time you take delivery! Not sure how in process your cabinet order is, but happy to see if there’s something we can do if we come out with something before you get it.

If you see something from us reach out!

Seems easier for both parties to just skip the paint process and then you can get the color you want :call_me_hand:t4:. Blacked out with some custom strip lights inside would be dope imo.

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Hey GFC (@GFC-Yooj) what’s the chance you’ll offer alternate colors at a future date?

The new iceco 20l fridge would fit but Goodluck running more than a weekend with that fridge :confused:

Yeah I’m thinking that the fridge will need to live in my back seat :frowning:
I currently have a Dometic CFX3-55IM that I really like, but I’d be open to getting a new fridge if there was a nice dual zone one that will fit under the Turbo Cubby.
Anyway, this is is primarily an issue of the Gladiator having a very shallow bed and not really something I’d expect GFC to address.

holy smokes there were actual research put into color choice too.

This is awesome!

I like the white, because it keeps the bed from being so dark, and easier to find stuff in them in dim light.


yea you get to pick the color of your shell should get to pick this color too.

Hi, OP here,
As I previously stated, I really disliked the appearance of the white cabinet, so I had mine powder coated in grey. IMO it looks great!.. no issues whatsoever with seeing stuff inside the cabinet.
Note that white is still the only color available from GFC, so if you want something else you’re on your own.

On edit: If you want something other than white or black you’re on your own.

I’m loving the utility and durability of this cabinet! I’ve chosen to keep the side braces in place for now, time will tell if they are in the way when un/loading gear. Unfortunately mine was shipped without the plus-nuts required to mount it to the upper extrusion (I was able to source them locally). Also it needs to have rubber mats on the shelves and floor to keep stuff from rattling around, but other than that I have no complaints.

I’m eager to see what accessories GCF develops for the Turbo Cubby… more shelves and a sliding interior access door would be nice additions.

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They just announced you can get them in black now.

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Black is now available. :call_me_hand:t3: