Turbocubby stoke

Hey all,

Looking really hard at the Turbocubby for my 8ft Chevy bed GFC. It seems like such an easy way to eliminate stuff from not being where it should be, keeping gear on the truck, etc. but haven’t seen much for review or photos to hear how the community is liking (or disliking I guess) the cubby.

Any photos you all can share from the rear, sides, inside the tent looking down, etc would be sweet.

Also, those of you who have one, did you install or have GFC or a partner shop do it?

Thanks in advance!

Also considering the Turbocubby. Either instead of or in addition to a decked system. Likewise not finding much online. Curious if the pricepoint is prohibiting many from moving forward?

Well, seems like maybe a lot of people don’t have it or haven’t installed yet. Tempted to stop by GFC in my August trip and see one if theirs is available and installed on a truck then.

From memory, I can only recall one or two members that have posted about buying the cubby.

Liking my TuboCubby GFC Cabinet. I finally got it installed about 2 weeks ago, and went on just a short 4 day camp with it. Very handy to clear stuff from bed of truck - I love the extra room I have in the night or AM with it.


We’ve had ours for several months now. Really opened things inside the bed and love how much more room we have. Did 95% of the install myself, with my wife assisting for some of the hard to reach screws. Took about 2-1/2 hours to get it installed. I was surprised how it didn’t really obstruct my view out the rear window.

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Both look great, thank you. I know it’s different for every truck but @Timmyitinerant could you tell me how tall yours is for the full size? I imagine they’re all within an inch or two.