Turbocubby vs. decked drawers

Hi everyone!

To preface the post, I currently have a decked drawer system in my 04’ duramax. I originally bought it to double as a sleeping platform since I was originally camping in the Duramax when it had a LEER canopy.

But now that I have a V2 GFC, I’m re-thinking my storage system. I love the decked system, BUT the one caveat is, I can’t haul engines in the bed like I used to (prior to the decked system). Plus being able to hang out in the bed without the camper being deployed is annoying.

My thought is, replace the decked system with a turbo cubby.

Has anyone gone thru this same dilemma? If so, what are your impressions on the Turbo cubby? Worth it?

Please let me know your thoughts!

I don’t have a turbo cubby but having everything on the side helps out a lot…

Idk if you’re worried about width as well.might want to mock it up in your truck so you get a good idea of actually bed space you’ll get

I using bags on the side in kinda a shelf format but it doesn’t stick out very far…

I ended up removing the decked system, selling it, and moving the proceeds over to a new BedRug. I’m going for a more minimal approach this time around, that way I have a fully usable bed again. Also with the carpeted downstairs, it should be way more cozy for my family.



I just did a bed rug in my 08 Tundra and it totally changes the downstairs vibe, way cozier


Glad to hear! Have any pictures? Cant wait to get mine!

Here’s a few pics. I installed the carpet then put a baseplate over it, hoping for some insulation

Looks awesome!

My new Turbo Cubby is going to get a lining of bedrug, to keep it quiet. My propane tank and stove, and other assorted odds and ends (dishwashing pan, etc) will live there. the stuff that was at the cab end of my truck will go under the Turbo Caddy, and I’ll have more room to stretch out and read at night before I go ‘upstairs’. Super stoked about the freed up room!

I never did l eck systems, because I got the GFC to be able sit up in when top down or just getting ready for bed at night. There is just barely enough room for that as it is, and none if lose anymore inches. But the beauty of the GFC is, to each their own! Here’s my truck with the Turbo Cubby just installed. Therther! gas stove goes in the front lower shelf, along with my camping fan. Propane will go in the rear compartment. Still lots of room to decide further.

This looks great! Do you have a straight on shot of the rear end (to get an idea of how much room you have from side to side? ). I need to reach out to GFC and see if they can provide specs/dimensions for my rig, since I’d like to see how much real estate the cubby takes up.