Unable to get ahold of GFC

For the past 2 days my brother and I have been trying to reach GFC from both their instillation warehouse and the manufacturing facility. Has anyone else had this issue?

It has been frustrating because we have been trying to find a time to get up to MT for the past 2 months and when we finally get a short window, we cant get ahold of anyone to confirm that GFC have any RTTs available.

We are planning to leave this Sunday, if anyone has any info on wether they are available to purchase and pick up, please let me know!

The RTT and Platform Camper have always been built to order as far as I’m aware…


I’ve always had good luck reaching the CS team in MT. If u haven’t, I’d recommend leaving a phone message, or email orrr talk with someone on live chat. Lead times for installation locations can be found on their website with all campers being built to order. As far as I’m aware, location dependent, you are not able to just show up and purchase one same day.

Hopefully @Thayne can add some insight.

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The only difference is that we are just buying the tent, we have talked to the installers before and they said there are typically no lead times on them, they said this because the ratio of campers to RTTs sold is around 7:1.

It looks like the RTT are ready to go pretty quick. They probably install the fabric of your choice and it’s ready to go.

I would think if you’re not looking to have it installed and they have the mounting brackets you need in stock you should be able to come get it on 1 or 2 days notice. They will reach out in time I’m sure…. But money :moneybag: talks… I’d pay for it, choose local pickup, and explain the situation in the notes. I bet they will make it happen!

My apologies, I understand now. Hopefully things get figured out Monday for ya!

I understand that they are made to be shipped, although I would be saving around $1300 by driving up because of the shipping being expensive and with there being no sales tax in MT.

Hey @Dusty099 - We unfortunately had a short staff this last week, so thanks for your patience! Have you been able to talk with someone live? We’re here to help out if you’d like to stop in, and we have a few units stocked with Stone Gray tents.

Depending on how long you’re in town, a Tangerine unit will be out of final assembly tomorrow for pickup as well. If you need to talk live, shoot me a DM and I can hop on a call with you. Otherwise, our sales team is ready for a call if you give us a shout at (406) 905-0987.