Unique componentry Starlink conversion?

Hey all… Has anyone used this company for a conversion to DC power? https://uniquecomponentry.com/

Pros and cons? I would imagine having to have it mounted on the vehicle itself could lead to challenges if parked in trees?

I currently have it mounted to my GFC. If you hard mount it you will need to point your wedge towards north. The upside is the all in one unit retains the router and is pretty low usage. Around 80 watts starting up and ~30watt after its connected and stabilized (5-10 minutes).

I am making a quick release for mine from the 8020 DIY beef bars I made so I can move it around as necessary. In the pic you can see my solar panels are currently pointed away from the sun.

Some things to think about if you go with this route. Doing 12v conversion without flat mount might be the way to go.

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