Unit #2099 V2 XL Spot for Sale SOLD - Thank you for the interest!

Good evening all,

Selling my V2 XL spot. Unit #2099 and nothing has been locked in as of yet.

I put my deposit down on 2/17, but plans changed. Only looking to get my deposit of $575 back.

Not a huge move up in the line, but may save a couple months? When I put down the deposit, the website projected an estimated build date in August… But of course, I have no way of knowing the actual build date.

Anyways, please let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks, Stewart.

Hi there! I am interested in this, shoot me a pm


Interested as well. Let me know if @Jonfeltis passes. TIA.

@Jonfeltis, my apologies for the delayed response. Been having issues with the messaging on the forum. Please feel free to email @ ssc406@outlook.com.

Thank you,

Thank you for the interest, if @Jonfeltis passes, I’ll let you know asap.


Hey there!
I have found a spot, so I’m good.


I found a spot as well. GLWS!

Hi Stewart, I just sent you an email about your build spot.