Universal Mount vs Billet Awning Mount

I would like to mount an OVS nomadic LT to my GFC and I’m not sure whether to use the Billet awning mount kit or the Universal mount
Any insight would be much appreciated.

Both mounts should work just the same for the most part (as far as I’ve heard). I don’t believe there are any major differences. One has some more height adjustment with the actual mount and is fancy billet and the other has some extra holes in the middle and is powder coated steel.

If I’m doubt, I’d recommend givin GFC CS a call. :call_me_hand:t3:

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We had some issues mounting the OVS awnings with the billet mounts. The spacing made it impossible. We used the universal mounts which worked but were still a tight fit.

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Universal are a way better choice for the OVS LT. The holes are spaced too narrow on the billet to align correctly. You can make it work if you go pick up smaller bolts but it’s kind of a pain in the ass since the sizing is off.

If you have the Beef Racks you might also consider using the brackets provided by OVS with the Beef Rack Acc hardware. You can mount to the Beef Rack via their channel and either flip the brackets up or down. It should also give you some adjustment in and out.