Update on aluminum tube replacements?

As summer winds down I gotta ask - can we get an update on when to expect the aluminum front and rear tubes to be provided? I am not looking forward to having rust dripped down the side of my cab and all along the tent extrusion after every rain.



Mine is getting rebuilt next week, I’m curious if that will include aluminum tubss.


Mine is supposed to get the new tubes along with the new style sealant in the next couple of weeks.

Has anyone seen the aluminum replacements yet? Are they still powder coated the same color as the space frame? If so, I wonder if those of us with a custom color are going to have an added cost?

Am I the only one that feels like GFC replacing those tubes on every camper they’ve built is never going to happen? Are they still building new campers with steel tubes?

Hey Guys,

We are pretty close to having the tubes available for everyone. The rear tube is easy to replace so for those on my list I have been slowly sending them out. The front tube requires quite a bit of work so we are working on support for that before we can send any out. I have been working on establishing a basis for every warranty item as our warranty specifically states (so does every other camper manufacturer) that all warranty work requires the campers to come back to the facility for the work to be done. But unlike every other camper company out there, I have been working pretty hard to help those out, who cant make it to the shop, the best that I can. So until I have the support, instructions, video, etc on the front tube, I cannot send them out. If you have had a n issue with the rear tube not being able to operate or pretty close to non operable, and you are not already on my list, shoot an email to the support@gfcengineering.com with the subject line Attn Mike, Grab Bar Replacement and I will add you. For those already on, I am sending them out in order the request came in, so hold tight.

On another note we have had very few complaints about the steel tubes in terms of how many campers we have out there but have already started using the aluminum tubes on all new campers (started sometime last month). Some weather conditions have sped up the process in making them inoperable. Also there was not a lot of information on how to lubricate the rear bar, or any at all save for instructions given upon installation and that has also sped up the process for some. I have plenty of customers on the East Coast and in the PNW that haven’t had any issues at all with rust and I have also had customers in both of those areas with issues as well. If you are having issues, and are waiting or will be waiting for the replacement, using T9 Boeshield (not WD40 or anything similar to that, which is not a good lubricant) inside the tubes can help a lot.

The tubes are also all powder coated black. We have had to rush a few and that was the only way to get them out right away. If anyone has issue with that, shoot me an email to the same address and just change the subject line to Attn Mike Grab Bar Replacement Color. I am the middle man between you and the production team so any information I can gather will help me better solve any issues that come up.

Thanks guys, and sorry for the late reply! I am currently on the road in the Midwest making my way to Kansas City, MO and Lafayette LA.


Not sure I’ve ever been this glad to be proven wrong before. Honestly thought you all replacing tubes was a TW rumor.

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How do y’all think this will affect the weight of a camper?

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Aluminum is lighter than steel so your camper will be lighter.


I can understand why you think that. We are hoping to keep this forum on a higher standard than TW so that those types of things do not happen.


The steel tubes on the front and rear of the tent platform make up such a small percentage of the weight that it will be negligible between whats on there now and what the aluminum will bring, likely only a few pounds.

Any timeframe on the front tube replacements?

My rear tube is fine, it’s the front that was half full of water.

We have the tubes slowly coming out of production. The front is a complicated replacement and we are working on support for that. The rear tube is much easier to replace so once we have them stocked up we can start sending them out. If you are in communication with me about the tube already don’t be afraid to remind me and shoot me another email. support@gfcengineering.com


How did you guys swap out the rear tube?

When I had to beat the rusted-in pins out, I used a furniture clamp to suck it back together after some taps from a deadblow hammer.