Upgraded gas spring for higher load rating on the tent

Thanks for posting the link, I’ve just installed them. Compressing with ratchet straps worked very well.

GFC’s comment about shearing strut mounts is noted. If anyone has had this happen please report it to this thread.

Hey @GFC_Support revisiting this thread and I’m glad I did. So do you just recommend using something to prop the tent up instead? I’m having the same issue described by multiple users. Winter time with ski racks and skis. With three pairs of skis (2 x lightweight touring setup) and one alpine/slack setup and it’s too heavy.

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I picked up some 3/4 inch PEX from home Depot, measured to length and cut a slit in the side so I can just slide them onto the gas struts when it is cold or stupid windy to work as a prop rod and it has worked well so far


I did the same thing but I used pvc. Works well in windy conditions.


Did you use Suspa, or McMaster gas springs, I need to go up to 125# or 150#. Any issues running the beefier spring on your v2? thanks!

I used McMaster 150# gas springs from PNW’s link above. Absolutely no problems with use or installation. I’m driving home after five weeks on the road with a rocket filled with skis. Before the substitution I had to use a 2x4 to support the tent. After installation I didn’t need the 2x4. Additionally, it was too hard to pull the tent down without the rocket box.


Eureka! I think I’ve found a solution to this while watching car issues on motortrend tv… saw one of the cars with hood support clamps and realized that’s exactly what we need to prevent it from drooping or unexpectedly closing… they have different sizes for different strut thickness… going to order some once I figure out just what the thickness is on our V2s

Of course we would have to put it on and off every time we use it but should only take seconds


Did you end up trying this solution?

I had to do mine because it broke off the mount. It is not easy to do it, you’ll definitely need someone to help you

Now facing the same issue, definitely concerned about the gfc post that it could shear the strut mounts for the v2…but it’s been a few years, how are people finding this solution working?

Is shearing the strut mounts recoverable or na?

Following as well. More weight =more powerful struts.

For everyone wondering about what sheared strut mounts look like, here it is. Happened with the original struts, not even with the higher load struts. So I’d be pretty nervous to put a higher load strut on my camper. And if this happens on a trip (like it did for me), the camper is then unusable which is such a bummer

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Holy shit, what build number is yours?

#1682. V2 camper, so three years old now. Spent a day driving washboard (Hole in the Rock Road), and both strut mounts were sheared off at the campsite. Truly no idea what happened, and I haven’t seen anyone else posting with this failure. But both strut mounts failing at the same time with the tent closed is wild

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Im assuming it’s out of warranty at this point, is it fixable by yourself? Any damage to the tent material?

I say this because im 1601. I drive a fair bit on dirt roads, 4x4 parks, etc and pop my tent almost daily for work, so it sees a lot of action. Ive had my upper section not align properly when parked at an angle, where the sides are not level, and the tent wont close evenly enough that i have forced the close tabs together to make it work. Now i dont think I’ll be doing that lol. Probably try diving to a more level spot then closing it at that point… hope you get it fixed soon.

Have you found spare parts yet? Almost seems like this would be a good item to carry a couple of spares. Were these top or bottom spares?

With this happening with the tent closed was there a problem opening the tent? i.e. is it possible for the shocks to extend down the inside of the extrusion channel? Or just really heavy?