Upgrading to a GFC? Want to sell your cap?

Longshot - Any folks upgrading to a GFC interested in selling their mid-rise topper? '04 Tacoma extended cab, looking for a little more head room while I slowly pursue the GFC dream…

I’m in Montana and can make a ~1/2 day trip to pick up.

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Hey there. I have a Leer canopy with a rack on top of it. Pretty nice with side windows with screens and a key fob lock on back. Its black. I will be picking up my GFC mid january if this interests you.

Definitely interested! Would love to see a few pics if you have ‘em, and we can chat details.

Yea I can snap a few tomorrow. It’s a 2015 so not sure about fitment but it’s possible.

@TBRI I have a Century mid-rise canopy on an '06 access cab that I’ll be selling as well. Canopy is paint matched silver. Not sure of the fit for your '04 but that shouldn’t be too hard to sort out.

I’m in Portland, OR so maybe a little outside your desired area. Let me know if interested.

Thanks for the pics! Unfortunately, I’m looking for a mid-rise topper. I already have a cab-height on the truck right now. Best of luck finding a buyer!

Oh my bad. Guess I didn’t read the fine print.

No worries! Appreciate the reply/effort.

Hi there! Thought I had message you but seems I didn’t. I’m definitely open to learning more about your topper - a weekend road trip is doable for the right fit!

That’s also not a 2004!

Sorry for the delay. I was out of town for a couple days. Here are some pics of mine.

Yep that’s why I said in the original post it was a 2015.

No worries. That’s super close to what I’m looking for! Any chance you’d be able to get dimensions of the base (where it connects to the bed)? What are you hoping to get for it?

Ok, I’m not 100% sure where to measure but here is what I took:

  • 77" exterior length measured at bottom of canopy side/top of bed rail
  • 63" exterior width measured at bottom of canopy rear
  • 56" interior width measured at rear of canopy

If those dimensions work let me know and we can talk price. I did just list it on Craigslist here in Portland yesterday since I was snapping pics. I don’t have a great sense for the market on these other than to say it appears this would be a $3-4k brand new canopy. My asking price on Craigslist is $2250 but I’m definitely open to offers.

I appreciate you taking those measurements! Sadly, doesn’t look like your topper will work with my truck. Best of luck with the sale!

No problem. Good luck on your search.