Upgrading to Tundra

I have a Tacoma with a GFC and I love it. Looking to potentially upgrade to a tundra and get a new GFC on it. I know the GFC is a bit bigger, but any tundra/GFC owners have any input? I would like to know how stock Tundras look with the GFC so any help would be appreciated.

A search using “Tundra” would turn up loads of results with pictures and descriptions. The search bar is your friend.


Check out @WVTRDPro build its not stock but he has an awesome build and documented upgrades.

Also, a stock build on GFC website.




If you plan to keep the suspension stock I would say you would have some pretty significant sag in the rear due to the weight of the camper and any other items back there. When my truck was still on stock Pro suspension and stock leafs I had a simple bed rack and Tepui tent on it and the leafs were essentially flat and if I added any additional gear or when we slept in the tent the leafs had negative arch. You could easily combat this with air bags though. I now have the Icon RXT leaf pack on option 2 and they’re starting to get a little flat from the weight I carry so I will probably bump them up to the heaviest load setting. Just something to consider. We love all the room the tundra and camper provide.

I agree with WVTRDPro. The tundra payload is still a 1/2 Ton, but it sags pretty bad with any weight. I have deavers in the rear and then some airbags with daystar cradles for when I tow. I’ve never gone over the tow capacity or anything of that sort, but upgrading the rear suspension would be a good idea. Air bags are extremely simple and fairly cheap. With daystar cradles you get your suspension travel since the bottoms are not attached on the air bag.

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Agree for sure with @alv0005 and @WVTRDPro, I upgraded to OME Dakar leafs prior to install, which was good with just the GFC but wasn’t enough when loaded down with full camping gear and bike rack. I had to add the OME add a leaf, if I could do it again I would probably go with Deavers.

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Awesome, thank you! Sweet Tundra

I have deavers on my tundra and love them, but with the gfc loaded up for a trip and the spare tire mount I still get some sag. Would you guys recommend add a leaf or airbags?

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First, weigh your truck full.

Which deavers? Stage 3 is really the best answer unless you carry nothing in your bed.

Also had the RXT leaf pack with heaviest setting and that couldn’t keep up.

Do it right in the rear and go for a pack that is at least a couple hundred lbs over what you’ll need after you’ve weighed.