Upside down floor panel?

Ive seen a few people either mention or post pictures that look as though they put the two smallest floor panels upside down when closing the tent.

I tried on mine, but it feels like i would really have to force it and i dont want to rip the cushoins.

What are the tricks here?
Am i mossing something?

Yup I put mine upside down before especially after modifying the foam. It’s easier to place them while standing on the tailgate and “pushing” them down.

Cool, that is confidence inspiring.
I just get nervous any time i feel like i have to force something…

When you say you modified the foam you mean to make it more comfortable not trimming it for this purpose correct?

I was able to get ~4.5 inches in the camper while flipping those 2 squares. The issue I was running into though is you need larger gfc covers otherwise it compresses the foam too much. Currently just using the hest atm.

I also flipped the foam over. I’m guessing your referring to the latest build profile.

Thats defintely one of the places i noticed it.

So you flip the pannel, cushoin side down and just kinda push down on it to squueze yhe pad through until the pannel rests on its little ledges?

I just flip it over and pull it down a little. I don’t pull it tight. The fabric and shutting the tent will push it down as far as it really needs. Doesn’t need to be pressed onto the ledge.