US Companies similar to GFC?

Anyone that’s watched the walkthrough videos, or if you saw their recent instagram post on Sept 11, then you know that ethically & philosophically they’re all about building up American businesses both to support their home country, but they also are steering away from China for the way they treat their citizens. Without getting preachy or excessively nationalist… I’m just looking for similar American companies who goal isn’t getting rich or making something for the lowest cost no matter where the parts from from. I am happy to support GFC because of their stand on things, I’d like to feel that way about my other purchases as well.

I’ll update this post with companies and links if it evolves.

(I’d put locations if I could easily tell where folks are. I’ll gladly change my description of the products if they’re inaccurate or incomplete.)


Agreed!!! None of their competitors, in my opinion, have the same priorities as GFC. I’d enjoy to hear of other companies with the same philosophies and ethics as GFC.

Thanks for starting this thread.

Isnt @GZilaDesigns and @jedgar and other small 1-2 employee businesses like this?

Josh has been awesome here on the forum, offering to cancel an order if it’s taking too much time. IMO, that’s awesome. And even though I haven’t bought anything from him, I like his way of doing things.

Or are you talking about larger companies that aren’t pumping out stuff all day every day?


We are a small family machine shop (me, my wife and my dad) and we produce everything we can in house in terms of our aluminum mod products.

The only thing we outsource is the screws, anodizing and shipping supplies! And and those spring rod poles we can assume they all come from China unfortunately. When ARB sells them for $1.15 each and I can’t find a local place to make them for less then $15 each, it’s sadly just the way it has to be some times. Mostly cuz my buying volume would be much lower than an RTT company.

We pride ourselves in making bulk product to keep in stock for prompt shipping.


It is really noteworthy when a company grows and still maintains the values they had when small. In my case I have a full time job that puts food on the table for my family so I don’t have to stress about camper parts making a good profit. I applaud GFC for keeping their values as they grow. :+1:


RIGd Supply and Shittco are legit and get a thumbs up from me for sure.