Using multiple GZila rain-fly pole holders?

Is anybody running multiple rain-fly pole holders on their GFC with side doors? One of the first mods I made to my new GFC was the GZila kit to turn the rear rain-fly into an awning. It’s been great. Now that I need to order some T-nuts I’m tempted to also get one or two more rain-fly kits to also have side door awnings.

It’s kinda spendy getting three of these things so I’m hoping someone can tell me how awesome it is having all the doors propped open.

That’s my dilemma. I just put the rear rain fly kit up yesterday.

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I use it on two doors.


Nice! You’ve got a wraptor awning on the other side right? I don’t have plans for an awning at the moment but that might change and is a good reason to only get one more rain fly holder.

Thanks for that pic. I was dang curious if it was gonna work well. That looks to be perfect.

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DIY Rooftop tent rod kit | Etsy I made this kit for the DIY rooftop tent community, Wonder if I could make something for the GFC community too… wouldn’t be too hard if i knew the dimensions between the T slots. Want to collab?

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I use them on all three doors. I like it.


really didn’t need the additional expense, but i guess it’s a must have!

I think they would sell well for GFC… have you designed them yet?