Using old style awning brackets with new hinges

Anyone here running awning brackets with the new style hinges?? I want to add an awning but am on the proactive list to have the new hinges installed and want to make sure whatever I buy will still work later.

I know there was talk of redesigning the brackets but unsure if the ones they currently offer will work or not with the new hinges since I know they use the lower extrusion.

I had a Kinsman Awning on order when the hinges changed. As of right now the older brackets no longer compatible. The new ones are currently being manufactured.

I preemptively order awning brackets recently. Seems they are the old style. Seems odd to continue selling brackets that don’t work with the new hinges so I emailed them I was told all brackets going forward will be compatible with the new hinges…
Starting when? haha.


Did the same, don’t sweat it. Send @GFC_Mike a email and he’ll get you squared away. He asked me to bring mine back when I arrange installation. No worries.

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