Using Starlink while driving *warning*

So using your Starlink while driving opens a can of worms on opinions. Which is not the intention here. This is simply to share my experience in the event that you’re looking for solutions for your Starlink while driving. I will preface this by, yes I know the HP dishy is designed specifically for this, but so is the cost. These Roam dishy’s work just fine while moving, but I have learned something.

This was what I thought would happen, just not this quickly.

From the dishy being mounted on my rig for two weeks while I drove the truck to and from the mountains on the weekend. It appears that the combination of the loose fit, wind, and vibrations the mounting portion of the dish pole has cracked and bent.

I have luckily caught this before it snapped completely sending dishy flying down the logging road. Or worse, the highway.

As time progresses here we’re going to get more robust mounts for these as I’m already beginning to see that. This was a temporary test install using the short mount to see how it would hold up. We use that work in the Government on our trucks; but after this experience I’m recommending we review our approach.

My take away here is that the length of the post for dishy is too long. This causes there to be quite a bit of leverage when the vehicle is in motion. I suggest that if you’re going to mount your dishy for mobile use that you either get a flat mount kit, or an antenna mount that can more securely attach to the pole.

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